2nd Test: The Drum Smashing test:

This time i decided to take a different approach to test the converter limits.
The setup:

The idea for this test was to drive the converters past their clipping point and well into what I would call "smashing". The results speak for themselves! I doesn't sound too pretty soon after the peaks go past 0dBfs. One interesting note is how the converters "recover" from transient overloads. It can clearly be seen that the I88X stays at full (digital) output even after a reaching the clipping point. The PCM4222, on the other hand, clips and then backs down to a stable level below 0dBfs. This difference in clipping characteristics was unexpected. I have included the files for comparison, along with some screenshots of the "Drum Smashing"...



PCM4222 Top, I88X middle, Source bottom.