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400-Watt-Verstärker mit 8 x KT 88 von Michael Kammerer
A DIY SE Ultralinear 813 HiFi High Power Tube Audio Amp
Alpha-Core Custom Magnetic Winding Cores for Tranformers
Amplifier Chassis GOOD LOOK
Andrea Ciuffoli - Home Page
Audio Amplifier DePalma
Audio Round Table High Efficiency Speakers Forum
Audiologica cmoy headphone amp
Building the Dayton III - Schematics
Caspar's Home Cinema
CHASSIS Par-Metal Products
Crossover Design
DC Electronics - Kits gainclone 200 watt
DECWARE Imperial Folded Horn
Designing a Portable Digital To Analog Converter
Distortion In Power Amplifiers
DIY 6336 PP Triode based Tube Amplifier
DIY ProAc Response 2.5
dsp and louspeaker page
EAC - Exact Audio Copy
Electra-Print Audio Co.
Fi-Sonik-Transformer Materials
Frank's electron Tube Data sheets
Good theory
HeadBanger Headphone Amp Construction Kit
Headphone amp Projects
Headphone Amplifier
Headphone Reviews, Comparisons & Articles Grados
HeadWize - Project The 6N1P OTL Headphone Amplifier by Bruce Bender
HiFi DIY Site - VT4C-211 Power Triode
http-- catalog full version.htm
Humble Homemade Hifi
Linkwitz microphone DIY
Lou's Speaker Site
M-Audio Audiophile 2496
Meniscus Audio Speaker Components Page View topic - diy mics - big fun for all!
Microphone Preamplifier Project
MP3Projects - Where MP3 project developers get together!
MuCoP cdrom controler
MZ2-200 Amplifier
Next-Tube Matlab tube simulations
Ocean State Electronics fuse holders
One Electron Transformers
Output Transformer and Custom Made Power Transformer offer
parts conneXion - The authority on hi-fi DIY parts and components
PDF files for The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing
Pete Millett's DIY Audio pages
Phase Splitters
Piezo measurements
Power amplifier
Prodigy Professional Forums Index
Project Showcase
PSB SPEAKERS -- Alpha B, C, T, S specifications
PTP Boards
RDH4 Files, DOWNLOAD ONLY!!! (open won't work!!!
SDS Labs Vintage Audio Equipment Refurbishing
Speaker City homepage
STARMICRO INC. - Detail Chinese Vacuum Tubes Directly
Surplus Sales of Nebraska Index
Technical Bulletin 56 Interesting input stage
The BEAST 100W to 300W of Triode POWER!!!!
Theta Digital - Upsampling
Tools chassis punch
Toores Engineering 30 Henry 40 Ma
Transformers & Variacs
Transformers Choke Loading chokes
Transformers, toroid, coils, inductors, ei core transformers, Custom Manufactured by Victoria Magnetics
Tube DataSheets
Tube DIY Asylum - Make your own transfomer from scratch - Dwight St, October 30, 2003 at 175230
Tubes lots of good info
UniBox - Unified Box Model for Loudspeaker Design
Welcome to Frank's Homemade USB 2 Harddrive MP3 Player
What is the best load line for a tube
XPde desktop environment
Yahoo! Groups micbuilders Messages
..... folie - audio .....
24 Bit - 96 kHz Audio ADC and DAC
4QD-TEC Audio preamplifier circuits
a transformer-coupled 6DJ8 preamp
Acoustic Treatment and Design for Recording Studios and Listening Rooms
AEA Big Ribbon Mics™ – Services
Airwindows Compact Disc Mastering
Altec 1566 vacuum tube mic preamp and direct box
Analog Box 2 Help
Anamod Audio
APHEX Systems 1100 Class A Tube Mic Preamp +A-D Conv.
Audio Equipment Design, Manufacturing & Repair
Audio Levels and db Scales#20978#20978
Audio Maintenance Limited Electronic Products
Audio Transformers By Cinemag Inc. Discussion Forums - 2SD427 and 2SB557 Power Transistors Hardware
AudioScience - Built For Broadcast
Blevins Audio
Bruce Swedien's Westviking Studio
Build a Better Bass Trap
Building The DIY Gyraf 1176 Clone
Chandler Limited Products TG Limiter Pack -
Classic Schematics
Club Cubase Nashville HOME
Coagula - Industrial Strength Color-Note Organ
Component Level Upgrades from R.A.L. Audio
Custom Mic Preamps Mainpage - Source Detail for Phish 03-15-91
dCS World Leaders in Digital Audio Conversion Technology
Designing Bipolar Transistor Audio PreAmplifiers
Designing Op Amp Audio PreAmplifiers
Details and datasheet on part LT1355
Digital Domain
DIY 12AU7 compressor
diyAudio Forums - Matched PNP-NPN dual transistors
E-MU 1820 Digital Audio System
Earthworks - Technical Papers
ed buller - leading record producer interview at Sahara Sound Studios London
EDCOR Electronics Corporation - Products
Electric Crayons Altec vacuum tube and mic preamp project
Floating Point
Front End Audio Your Ultimate Pro Audio Dealer 888-228-4530
Fully modded E-Mu 1212M pics and impressions (so far) - Head-Fi (Headphone Hi-Fi and Portable Audio)
Gearjunkies Kitchen Index - stupidest things you have ever heard during a session.
GERSIC.COM free audio plugin database
Grimm Audio
GroupDIY - One Bottle-One Bottle2
HeadWize - Project A Pocket Headphone Amplifier by Chu Moy
High Performance Audio Amplifier Kits by AmpsLab
High-end plug-ins for Pro Tools
Homepage of Alexey Lukin
Index of -Doc+Schematics
JLCooper FaderMaster Pro
Karma Audio - Products
Karma Microphones
KVR View topic - Why is my mix so quiet
KVR FX Max FX Teleport - Virtual Instrument - Virtual Effect
LDSG Introduction
Leach SuperAmp Plans
LEDsales. LEDs, nixies and other cool stuff. - IN13 nixie bargraph tube driver kit
Marian UCON CX
Marquette Audio Labs Telefunken v672 w- 695
Marquette Audio Labs
mastering tips
Matt Ashman Projects Naive Reverb Deconvolution
media_2 analog tape characteristics
Meter Matters
MF 300
Microphone preamplifiers - can YOU hear the difference (with audio)
Mixing in the Virtual Realm of the Sequencer
Mojo Pie -- Dan Richards helps you build a mic cabinet
Muse Research Receptor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Muse Research Receptor Overview
MusicPlayer Forums Phoenix DRS-2 preamp. Opinions
MXL 990
NINJAM - Novel Intervallic Network Jamming Architecture for Music - Test Server Status
Norh Loudspeaker and high-end audio manufacturer
Only the Best in Musical Instruments - Vintage, Pre-1980, Pro Audio
PAiA - Analog Synthesizers 9700s
PAiA - Theremax Theremin
Peluso Microphone Lab
Phoenix Audio UK • Nicerizer 16
Prodigy Professional View Forum - The Lab
Prodigy Professional View topic - META - Discrete Opamps
Prodigy Professional View topic - META - SSL 9K Preamp
Prodigy Professional View topic - V672 instrument Input
Products soundBlade Main
PS Audio - Gain Cell - audio processors and effects plug-ins in VST, DirectX, MAS, AudioUnit, RTAS format for Mac and PC
PSW Recording Forums Brad Blackwood
RA-100 Preamplifiers, Overview
RE New, Updated SonarTest
RE Reclaiming SATA for audio
Recording Studio Design Index
Roy Hawkesford #2 for Band-In-A-Box
Samplecraze Tutorials
Schematic Library - Purple Audio Inc.
Selecting Mic Preamps
Signal Path
Sound Card Selector - In BETA testing. Dolphin Music
Spice and the art of preamplifier design, Part 2
Studio Projects
Studio-Central Community Index
Studio-Central Community View topic - iZotope Ozone 3
TAXI record deals, publishing deal, film TV placement, recording your music, songwriting
The Death of Dynamic Range
The Latest in Audio Software and Hardware Control Surfaces, DAWs-Recorders, DSP Software, Electronic Musical Instruments,
There's life above 20 kilohertz! A survey of musical instrument spectra to 102.4 kHz
TidBITS Squeezebox2 Long Live Rock
Tip Setting Up a MIDI Device as a Control Surface in SONAR 2.0
TNT PreAmble N - DIY nuvistor stereo preamplifier [English]
Toft Audio Designs
Transsound Electrets
TSC Tech Talk EQ
Tubes Vs. Transistors -- Audibly Different
Unofficial E-MU Forum from Multimedia Production Forums
VB-Audio (How to Buy )
Vintage Loop studio audio-new-preowned sales services-consulting-refurbs
Vintec Röhren Röhre Tube Valve Mischpult Console Music Recording Studiotechnik Audio
Vocal overdubbing techniques-part 1
VoiceSync home page
VST plugins [slim slow slider presents]
Welcome to AUDIOTRAK
Welcome to ESI
What Happens to My Recording When it’s Played on the Radio
Why do mic preamps sound different
Yahoo! Groups Search Results
Yamaha i88 - Page 8 -
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
YouTube - drum solo by buddy rich (1970)
HSU Research ASW-1203 Car Subwoofer Driver
Mother of Tone - About Speaker Drivers
Parts Express Browsing DAYTON ST255-8 10 SERIES II WOOFER
Parts Express Browsing MOREL MDT-20 1-1-8 SOFT DOME TWEETER
Parts Express Browsing PEERLESS 850146 CSX 10 WOOFER
PMC - The Professional Monitor Company
Quattro good Frequently Asked Questions Installation
Speaker Workshop
Tang Band W3-881S glue and plug modification
Transmission Line Speakers
HSU Research ASW-1203 Car Subwoofer Driver
Mother of Tone - About Speaker Drivers
Parts Express Browsing DAYTON ST255-8 10 SERIES II WOOFER
Parts Express Browsing MOREL MDT-20 1-1-8 SOFT DOME TWEETER
Parts Express Browsing PEERLESS 850146 CSX 10 WOOFER
PMC - The Professional Monitor Company
Quattro good Frequently Asked Questions Installation
Speaker Workshop
Tang Band W3-881S glue and plug modification
Transmission Line Speakers